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Flexible cleaning service Tampere

More Clean is probably the most flexible cleaning service in the Tampere region. You get reliable and professional cleaning help when you need it. We also have an on-call cleaning service for emergencies.

Business ID: 3238478-2
040 350 2246  (Mon-Fri 8:00–16:00)
040 351 1123  (Emergency service 24/7)

Skarta Group Oy

"More Clean has cleaned the construction site barracks for us. I am really satisfied with the quality of the work."

Jari Lanne, Site Foreman, Skarta Group Oy (09/2022)

Ravintola Padellon

"More Clean has been responsible for the cleaning of our restaurant. The service has been flexible, efficient and thorough."

Anu Meronen, Restaurant Padellon, Tampere

Frantsilan Kehäkukka

"We have used More Clean's window cleaning service, which has been very good. The cleaner has come to meet our needs even at short notice and always with all the equipment. I am also satisfied afterwards."

Tiina Ahonen, Frantsilan Kehäkukka, Hämeenkyrö

EL PADEL (sports centre)

More Clean Oy cleans EL Padel. The work is of high quality and consistent. No need to wonder if everything is clean. We also receive praise from our own customers for our cleanliness.

Juho Vartiala

SJR-Rakennus Oy / Helaraitti 13

"More Clean was responsible for the final cleaning of the site. The work was done well and within the agreed time frame. We are also satisfied with the quality of the work and the final result."

Jukka Naumanen, foreman

Reasonable prices, 100% guarantee

Our cleaning service is a turnkey service. We have the equipment and supplies you need. Our prices are reasonable (from 29 €/hour + VAT). We will adapt our service to your needs.

In recent years, we have done a lot of cleaning in Tampere, including building cleaning, office cleaning, moving cleaning, staircase cleaning and window cleaning.

We are only satisfied with our work when the object is clean down to the last detail. Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our work.

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Building cleaning and final cleaning

We are familiar with the strict cleanliness requirements for cleaning both renovation and new buildings. Our meticulous final cleaning service at the end of the construction phase ensures that your premises are put to use as planned. We also carry out final cleaning for renovations. Our cleaners have a safety card and a Valtti card. Ask for a quote for construction cleaning.

Stair cleaning

In addition to the cleanliness and comfort of our condominium cleaning service, our condominium cleaning service ensures the safety of your premises, as we usually visit all the premises of the house more often than residents. We make observations about the condition of the premises and notify us if we notice, for example, things that endanger safety or show signs of moisture damage. Ensuring hygiene is part of our routine. Ask for a quote on stair cleaning.

Office cleaning

You can count on our flexibility – we’ll clean up the mess, e.g. during night shifts. The same applies to your specific business needs. Our office cleaning contracts include a confidentiality clause. Our office cleaning services are not only located in Tampere, but also in surrounding municipalities. Ask for a quote for your business or office cleaning.

Move house cleaning

You can leave the cleaning to our reliable hands, and make the transition to your new home easier! If you are the seller or tenant moving out, the final cleaning must be done carefully, usually to ensure that the terms of the contract are met. We ensure a thorough move-out cleaning for both your new and old home! Ask us for a quote for your move-out cleaning.

Window cleaning service

You can count on our experienced window cleaners to leave behind bright windows and a clean space. We use the highest quality window cleaning equipment. We’ll make sure that your space is kept safe and completely dry, and that all traces of the work are cleaned up when we leave. Ask for a quote for window cleaning.

Restaurant cleaning, dishwashing, etc.

We do restaurant cleaning and offer help with dishwashing in the Tampere area. Our staff has the necessary permits (hygiene passport, salmonella certificate).

Dishwashing in restaurants and schools, for example, can start the same day within 2 hours of ordering. Our work often includes the following areas:

  • sorting of washed and washable dishes
  • washing of dishes and dishes for food preparation
  • machine washing of the dishes

In addition to general cleaning, we can also help with other aspects of kitchen and restaurant cleaning, such as collecting dishes from the dining room and cleaning kitchen equipment.

Cleaning on call - emergency cleaning with one hour response time 24/7

More Clean Oy’s emergency cleaning service (tel. +358 40 351 1123) includes cleaning up sewer leaks, disinfection cleaning and cleaning up after vandalism. For emergency cleaning services for acute needs, we start cleaning within an hour of the order (in Tampere).

In disinfection cleaning, we remove potential risks of suspected infection from infected surfaces, among other things.

Price list

  • Cleaning equipment and materials are included in the prices.
  • We do not charge evening, weekend or holiday bonuses!
  • Increased household allowance for cleaning work

In 2023, the household deduction will be 60% of the price including VAT. The maximum household allowance will be € 3,500 per person. The deductible is €100 per person per year. You can read more about the household allowance here.

Note: The price for building cleaning and floor cleaning and waxing are indicated net of VAT (VAT 0%). All other prices include VAT.


49 € / hour

Move house cleaning

49 € / hour

Home cleaning

49 € / hour

Window cleaning

53 € / hour

Office cleaning

49 € / hour

Cottage cleaning

49 € / hour
  • one-off cleaning
  • yard and garden work
  • small-scale landfill haulage
9 € / per m2 + VAT

Including floor cleaning and waxing:

  • transport of materials and machinery
  • cleaning of equipment
  • wax remover and new floor wax
  • floor refinishing 2 floors

After wax removal, 2 coats of new wax are applied to the floor. The wax used is a glossy floor wax that gives a clean and dignified finish.

49 € / hour

Disinfection cleaning (suspected infection)

58 € / hour

One-time cleaning

Ask for a quote!


from 29 € / hour
  • Cleaning of staircases / common areas
  • Restaurant cleaning, dish washing
from 29 € / hour
  • Building cleaning
  • Final cleaning of buildings and renovations
Request an offer
  • basic and maintenance cleaning
  • removal and other one-off cleaning services
  • pressure-washing of carpets, sofas, etc.
  • basic floor cleaning and waxing
  • major cleaning
  • clearance cleaning
  • window cleaning

Service number for business customers

040 3511123


58 € / hour

One-time cleaning

The extent of the work affects the price.

Ask for a quote!


Cleaning on call – emergency cleaning service with 1 hour response time 53-80 €/hour

Tel. +358 40 351 1123

– e.g. cleaning up sewage damage, cleaning up after vandalism

– Cleaning usually starts within 1 hour of order (Tampere area), chargeable on a min. 1 hour

  • Weekdays 6.30-17.00 53 €/hour
  • Weekday evenings and nights 17.00-06.00 70 €/hour
  • Saturday 6.00-21.00 70 €/hour
  • Sunday 6.00-21.00 80 €/hour
  • Sat-Sun evenings 21.00-6.00 80 €/hour

Emergency cleaning service for disinfecting and cleaning up after vandalism.

Liability insurance, guarantee and billing

More Clean is covered by liability insurance up to 1 000 000€. A one-off cleaning is invoiced when the job is completed (payment term 7 days nto).

If there are any deficiencies after our cleaning work, they will be corrected.

All feedback is treated with care and we are always happy to take new requests into account.

Cleaning equipment and materials are included in the price.

Contact information

Opening hours

Our customer service and office is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30.

Our on-call number +358 40 351 1123 is available 24/7.

Customer service

Elina Sorsa
Customer Service Officer

040 350 2246  (Mon-Fri 8:00–16:00)

Service number for business customers

040 3511123

Visiting address

Vehnämyllynkatu 6 B 6, 33560 Tampere

Postal address

Viinikankatu 1 B 33, 33100

Business ID



Come and work for us!

We are regularly looking for new people to join us! It’s important to us that you want to do a clean job, and we know that you can do that if you enjoy your work. We also take your life situation into account when arranging your work and will support you to the best of our ability. Feel free to apply or ask us for more information!

You can fill in the job application form on our Finnish website or ask us for more information by email:

Request a quote

You can ask us to visit you for a free cleaning assessment. We are happy to check the premises to be cleaned in advance. At the same time we can discuss your wishes for the cleaning.

Quality Promise

We promise to clean your site according to our contract. However, if any quality problems are found, we promise to rectify them as quickly as possible, free of charge.

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